How to Change Facebook Profile User Name After Name Limit Reached.

Has your Facebook Account Name limit is Reached or Exceeded?  So do you want to change your Facebook Profile Name After Name Limits?  If so, follow the simple method written below. Mostly many people dont know that facebook keeps some limits for Pages, Profiles, Groups, Friends, Events etc. Just like we can`t change facebook profile name after 5 times, we can`t change our profile username more than 1 time, we can`t change a facebook page name after 200 Likes, we can`t change facebook group name after reaching 250 members, we can`t add more than 5000 friends to our facebook profile and  it is not possible to change the name of an event if it has more than 5,000 people invited. Now-a-Days, Many people are keeping Facebook Profile Names in Different stylish Fonts like ȼɦǿȼLąty Þrîñçé , Nitesh Iı’e Belııve’ııŋ Mąh-self , Іі’є-єм Ѕэжҷ’Айԁ Її’ Ќйѳщ’Їт , Маиѳг Кнцмая etc. But Facebook is Banning the Accounts who using those type of stylish fonts, fake names.Also make sure that your name can`t include:

  • Titles of any kind (ex: professional, religious, etc)
  • Symbols, repeating characters or punctuation, unusual capitalization and numbers
  • Words, phrases, or nicknames in the place of a middle name
  • Offensive or suggestive content of any kind
  • Characters from multiple languages

As per facebook rules, the profile name you use should be your real name as it would be listed on your credit card, student ID, govt-issued proof etc. So I personally suggest everyone to keep your facebook account of real name without any fonts or special characters. So if your profile name limit is exceeded and want to change your facebook profile name to your real name, then Click Here 


Fill that form and you have to upload your valid Government-issued Proof – photo ID like a Passport or Driver’s license etc and after your upload finishes, finally click “Send” button. Any 1 Proof will be enough in the list of below examples, Examples:

  • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
  • Birth certificate
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card
  • Marriage certificate
  • Official name change paperwork
  • Voter ID card
  • Non-driver’s government ID (ex. disability, SNAP or national ID card)

NoteIf you don’t have a government-issued Proof-photo ID, you can submit copies of any 2 other documents that together show your full name, birthday and picture. 

Any 2 Proofs will be needed in the list of below examples,


  • Credit card
  • Utility bill
  • School or work ID
  • Library card
  • Check
  • Bus card

For more information about the Submission of Proofs, check the Facebook Help Center Page by Clicking Here.

Before you submit your any valid ID proof, try to have a real picture on your facebook account because this may help you to get your name change fastly as facebook staff will consider your fb profile as real profile.
My Personal Experience : Earlier I faced this problem and facebook asked me to submit any Valid proof and I submitted my College ID card picture by taking a snap from my mobile. Facebook staff verified it and changed my name within 4-5 days. So I suggest you to take a clear picture of you proof either by Scanning or by capturing from a good camera or mobile. If you have any doubts or problems regarding with this facebook profile name change after name limits reached issue , You can ask here in comments.

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