Hack facebook Account by Mobile – Phishing

What is Phishing ?
Phishing is a way of deceiving your victim by making him login through one of your webpages which is a copy of the original one. By doing so the fake webpage will save his E-mail ID or username and password. This is used for criminal activities for stealing Credits Cards and So on.
Now we are going to make a fake login page of Facebook Mobile.

Lets start the tutorial…

Step 1: Register a new Wapka Account
First create a new wapka account from the link below.
Step 2: Editing Wapka Texts
Login to your Wapka account. Goto Settings>Edit text> Forum/chat and change the following words,

Name: Email or Phone 
Text: Password 
Submit: Log In 
It’s shown in the screenshot below.

Click ‘Edit’ to save and Login to your account in ADMIN mode.
Step 3: Create a new forum
Create a new forum to save all hacked usernames and passwords in your site.
You can do it by Edit Site>Forum
Wapka forum
Get inside your newly created forum and note down its Forum ID. You can find it at the right bottom corner of the forum. Its shown below.
Forum ID
Step 4: Change Forum Visibility 
The forum we create above will be visible to everyone. Now we have to change its visiblity, so that admin can only view the hacked usernames and passwords.
You can do it by Edit site>Users>Items visibility
Mark ‘X’ to make it visible only in admin mode.
Step 5: Uploading Facebook Mobile Phisher Page Source Code
Just copy and paste the code below in your site.
You can add it by Edit site>WML/HTML code

Note: But before pasting, edit the code and replace ‘XXXXXXX’ with your Forum ID( as you found it in step 4) and remove spaces in small form tag.

Now you can see your fully designed facebook phishing page.
But there’ll be only one filed instead of ‘Email or Phone’ and ‘Password’ fields.
Don’t worry, wapka won’t ask usernames when you are logged in.
So just logout your admin mode or open your site url in a new tab. You’ll see a page like this.
* You can find all hacked usernames and passwords in the forum by logging in as ADMIN.
Now use your social engineering skill to make the vitim to login in your site. You can send him a message with your link.
Disclaimer: DO NOT use this for fraudulent activities use this just to gain knowledge and not to cause harm to other people in any sort.
By trying this trick, you’ll surely learn the basics of Hacking, HTML and Wapka.

If you got any problem, then describe the problem in comments below…


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