Facebook Tab for Redirect user from fb Fan page to another Web site

Drive Traffic To Your Website By Giving Your Facebook Page A Facelift

Keeping up with social media marketing is demanding work.

While engaging with your networks it’s important not to neglect your most important digital asset:


That’s right, your website is the most important thing you have online.
It’s a digital property you own. You have complete control over it, while you can think of a Facebook page as being more like a rental unit.
Your website is what customers will find in search engines. It’s where customers go to learn more about your products and services. It’s what facilitates the sales process, working for you day and night.
Neglecting something as important as your website can be detrimental to the success of your business.
Thankfully you can have your cake and eat it too. Meaning it’s possible to focus on social media marketing and increase website traffic at the same time.
In this post I’m going go over a step-by-step guide to enhance the look of your Facebook page in a way that drives more traffic to your website.

Get More Out Of Your Facebook Page

Facebook brand pages offer an incredible amount of customization that few businesses are taking full advantage of.
To be honest that’s not totally surprising. Customizing a Facebook page with apps can get pretty technical and complicated for the casual user.
If you bear with me through the length of this post I’ll teach you how to make some awesome customizations that will not only make your page look a lot better, but drive a ton more traffic to your website.
Best of all I will make everything insanely simple for you to follow.

Facebook Brand Page Customizations

Take a look at a screenshot of one of the Facebook pages I manage to see an example of the end result we’re aiming for:

Notice the custom tabs? When you click them they all redirect to a page on the company website. That way when someone lands on the Facebook page they are immediately invited to learn more about the company by going to the website.
From a design perspective, custom tabs can also be used to create a more consistent brand experience.
I can personally tell you from installing these tabs that they have been very effective at driving more traffic from Facebook.
Now I want to teach you step-by-step how to do the same thing to your page.

Step One

The first step is to use the Facebook search bar to find Woobox Custom Tab:
facebook custom tab
Click on it and you’ll be prompted to install it on your page of choice.

Step Two

Install the custom tab on your Facebook page:
facebook custom tab
Select your page from the drop down menu and click Add Page Tab. Then you’ll be prompted to modify the settings.

Step Three

Adjust the settings so that the tab redirects to your website.
facebook custom tab
Select the redirect option and then put in your website address.
After you save the settings it’s time to change the default tab icon.

Step Four

To change the default tab icon to something a bit more appealing, start by going back to your page and selecting Edit Page > Update Info:
facebook custom tab
When you’re in this menu look near the bottom of the left sidebar and you’ll see Apps.
Click on Apps then click on the Edit Settings option of Static IFrame Tab:
facebook custom tab

Step Five

Now it’s time to upload a new custom tab image to make it pop a bit more. If you’re following along so far you should be seeing this menu:
facebook custom tab
Click on Change and you’ll be prompted to upload a new image. If you have access to image editing software you can get very creative here. When creating a custom image use the dimensions 111 x 74
While you’re at this step you can also customize the text underneath to say anything you want.
By default it says “Welcome”, so it’s better to change it to something a bit more engaging like “Visit Our Website”.
Click on Okay and you’re done!

Step Six

Repeat the same process to install more custom tabs if you want more than one. Facebook lets you add up to seven additional tabs.
Having a few custom tabs will grab attention and help you stand out by looking different from other Facebook business pages.
If you attract their attention and get the click you’ll start to see a lot of new traffic coming in to your website.

Wrapping It Up

Keeping active with social media marketing is no excuse for neglecting your website. It’s your most important digital asset so it’s paramount to keep driving steady traffic to it.
Through enhancing your Facebook page with custom tabs you’ll not only be stepping up your social media game, you’ll be getting more traffic out of it as well.

Have Your Say

Did you find this advice useful? Was it easy to follow or too complicated? Please let me know in the comments section. If you have any other questions about custom Facebook tabs please drop them in the comments section as well.
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