How to Make Money Online with Chitka (A PPC Site) By a Blog

The ways of earning money online have now been a reputed question for every individual, Where who finds a little revenue of an income to the personal expenses. The ways by which people are earning money online have a little effort to do and spend all the time with fun.

While having ideas in mind concerning the topic I’ve brought a special way to earn a little and easy income for you guys. The way I’m gonna talk about, is the source of Chitika a PPC (Paid Per Click) Site used by publishers where they keep Ads of Chitika on their Websites\Blogs in reward they get paid for their Income, earned by their clicks of visitors or readers on the ads of Chitika. 
Just this process works on your blog and gets you to earn money by a blog. 
It has some more additional features in which followings are marked.
1. Ads Relates to Visitors’ Location.
2. The Easy way of Payment to Every Visitor
3. The Process of Commission Through Referrals
Chitika Ads:
It is accurately well facility from Chitika developers to customers for providing the such great feature, In which ads are filtered in a good sort which makes ads according to the need of visitor’s through the identifying of Locations. It will not only be helpful for visitor’s, will also be useful for the publishers because they get more clicks due to reliability of ads.

When you’ve reached a limited number of clicks according to the revenue of earns.
Then you’ll be able to get paid for the earned money. Chitika provides two methods for payment, Which are the Check and Paypal (A Website used to Send and Recieve Money).
 These are the ways by which you can get paid for your earned money from Chitika. Your Paypal Account is the easy way of receiving money, Because You Just need a Debit or Credit Card to get the money from Paypal in your hand. The minimum payment for Paypal from chitika is $10. The second method to get money from Chitika is the Check, Your check will be sent to the provided address at the end of every month and minimum payment is $50.

Referral Link:

The other way of earning money from Chitika is Referral link. It is a link given to the every publisher according to their username by Chitika’s team to make money in case of getting someone to create an account while visiting Referral link. The most important talk for Referralling is that, You’ll get 10% of commission in reward of Referrallers earning. 

  • Payment Method :  Check and PayPal
  • Minimum Payment For Check : $50
  • Minimum Payment For Paypal : $10
  • Referral Program : It is  Available !
  • Referral Commission : 10% Commission
  • Payment Time : At The End Of Every Month
  • So If you want to Join It Now Then Don’t Forget To click on the below Link to be redirected on Chitika!


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