Solution for " Certificate Error " in Mobiles

“Solution for “Certificate Error”

Follow These Steps to Solve the Problem of “Certificate Error”

Rename sis to zip.


If u really wnt to free yr slf


“Certificate error”


then u should follow these steps.

1.. Install NortonSymbianHack_S60v3_s 60v5_S^3_S^4.sisx

2. Launch Norton

3.Go Options- Anti-Virus – Quarantine list

4. Go Options – Restore, accept prompt

Exit application, delete from App manager (Symantec Symbian Hack). Also delete c:\\shared\\ folder. by mobi xplore or any other xplore.

6. Install RomPatcherPlus_3.1.sisx from the download package below.

7. Launch and apply patches:

– Open4all for full access to file system

– Installserver for installing any unsigned applications


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