Raduga Pl 3.9.6 Full Version Free Download With Keygen

Raduga 3.9.6 is a music player program on radio stationsayer, and more effective for your radio station. designed to be simple and clear, easy to
use and the setting is quite satisfactory. If you want to try this software I’ve provided the download link below which is equipped with its keys and Crack.
Raduga 3.9.6 is the music automation software for radio stations, clubs and shops. You create playlists simply by dragging audio files from the Windows Explorer into the Raduga window. Then you can rearrange the songs by dragging them with the mouse from one position to another. When you’re finished with the playlist, turn on your radio equipment, press the play button and you are on air.
Key features :
  • An icon in the system tray displays the current song
  • The tray icon menu provides access to common functions while Raduga is hidden behind other windows
  • Large toolbar buttons make it easier to use Raduga with touchscreen controls
  • Add-ins can be enabled and disabled without restart
  • Scheduled events can expire automatically during long pre-recorded shows


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