When will YouTube be Unblocked in Pakistan?

When will YouTube be opened in Pakistan? this question has been asked many times from me since the date when YouTube was blocked in Pakistan by PTA. The question is simple and people have right s to ask this question, because they need YouTube for their projects and better purposes. However, the video sharing website won’t be unblocked in coming days said, PTA. The last statement from PTA was given on 30th of September, when they told the Pro-Pakistani website and other media reporters that, the website won’t be unblocked until removal of Anti-Islamic video.

However, the website may be unblocked if supreme court orders PTA to do so. Also, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has the ability to order PTA for unblocking YouTube in Pakistan. PTA once again requested Google to remove the Anti-Islamic video from their video sharing website YouTube; but, they denied this again. So surely, the website won’t be unblocked in near future.

Will YouTube be unblocked in Pakistan? 

Yes, it might be, but not in this week. As many Muslim countries including Pakistani users have been using other websites for sharing videos and downloading videos. They continuously, spreading a message saying “Don’t Use YouTube Any More”. Apart from YouTube, Muslims also refuse to Use Google; and that is a fact because Google’s Alexa ranking has dropped dramatically, Now Google is no longer #1 website. The #1 position has been dominated by Facebook. Google is now #2. So if Google keeps to deny Pakistani request for removal of that movie then it might lose its ranking further more.

Should YouTube be Opened in Pakistan?

As Google says in their statement that; Google is not a registered company or organization in Pakistan, so they can’t follow Pakistani low. But in my opinion, either Pakistani government should request US Government to talk with Google on this issue or Google itself should take down the video from YouTube. And yes, YouTube should be opened in Pakistan as soon as possible, not for watching that video which has sparked the Islamic world, but just for watching better content existing on YouTube.com.

There are many Pakistani institutions who have video channels on YouTube.com for their students. Especially Virtual University of Pakistan is an online-based education system which’s students are suffering from this.


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