How to Earn Money with Chatika, Clicksor & Adhitz Learn in Urdu

How to make money with Advertising networks such as Chatika, Clicksor, Adbrite and Adhits in Urdu. I have explained all these networks in below article in Urdu language. As we have already discussed Google Adsense, Inoflinks and some other ways of earning online. Also, in the future we will talk about more networks who provide opportunity to make money online.

What is Chatika? 

Chatika is an advertising network which provides ads on text based styles. It is a good alternative of Adsense according to analysts. You can get payment via Paypal or through bank wire. Minimum payout is $20.

What is Adbrite?

Adbrite is an advertising network which provides ads to approved sites, which are approved for showing adbrite’s ads. It is a good option to make money but there is some problem in Adbirte because it doesn’t count click from South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Iran and Afghanistan.

What is Adhitz? 

Adhitz is also an online advertising network which will provide you ads to insert into your site or blog and whenever someone will click on ads they will pay you 0.2 cents. They pay very small amount for clicks and also they don’t count clicks from all countries. Minimum payout is $25 via Paypal.

What is Clicksor? 

Clicksor is also a good alternative of Adsense and it provides JavaScript codes to publishers which can be added to websites and blogs and they also payout via Paypal and Bank wire.

My Recommendations are Chatika & Clicksor instead of Adbrite & Adhirtz.


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