How To Send Free SMS All Over The World From Your Gmail Account

I am so excited to tell you an awesome trick to send free SMS all over the world by using your own Gmail account . This is actually not a trick , that’s a new utility provided my Gmail , i was chatting with my friend i get to know this utility .
By using this you can send SMS to anyone . you can send international SMS too .
But still this feature is not available in many countries , but we don’t have to forget ” Something Is Better Than Nothing . “
So How this Works ?
Gmail gives you 50 credits , and for every one SMS 1 credit will be deduct . so you can SMS to only 50 persons 😦 and yes i know this is sad but the good thing is if the person reply to your SMS your gmail account will add 5 more credits .
So if your friend will replay your all SMS then you will get 250 more credits 😀 . so tell your friend to do reply your SMS 😉
Note : You can only send SMS to your added contacts , first add that person in your contact and then use this utility.
  • Just follow the simple steps to send SMS through your gmail account .
  • after adding contact , Click on the name and the click on more and then you will see a send SMS option . check the picture below .

Here i am sending SMS to my friend . After Clicking on Send SMS you will see a window like this below :

  • Choose your Country and fill the phone number . But as i said in stating this feature is not available for every country so see the list on countries.
After all steps you will see a window to send SMS , Write your content and send your SMS .

NOTE : if you don’t want to deduct your credits then do tell your friend to reply you , for every one reply you will get new 5 credits .

If you are getting any problem then please drop me a Hi in Comment Box 🙂


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