Facebook Developers World HACK 2012 : PCH

Social networking site Facebook will roll out Facebook Developer World Hack 2012, which invites the application developer (developer) in the 12 cities selected to compete to make the application on Facebook. Jakarta, so one of the cities to be visited Facebook on 13 September.

Hack Facebook Developer World 2012 took place during August and September. In writing on official company blog, Facebook Developer Advocate James Pearce argues, cities visited this time was the city’s fastest-growing developer community and most dynamic.

In addition to Jakarta, the event also took place in Austin (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Berlin (Germany), Taipei (Taiwan), Bangalore (India), Barcelona (Spain) , Vancouver (Canada), Marsaw (Poland), Moscow (Russia).

This event not only cater to the developers who had made an application on Facebook, but also developers who have ideas to develop social applications, or who are planning to distribute an application on Facebook.

Largest social networking site in the world will provide technical material about the open graph, Facebook API, SDK Mobile, and how to build a successful social game.

Furthermore, up to challenge developers to develop application code for 8 hours, with the help of Facebook team. Developers are also invited to demonstrate their products. There will be prizes for the best integration of applications and for developers who use API for best results.

The best teams from each continent will win a trip to visit Facebook headquarters in San Francisco, USA, and met with the Facebook developer team.

Facebook has not determined the location of the organization in Jakarta. Capacity of participants is limited and admission prices are Rp 236 375. Individual or group for developers who want to follow this competition, please sign up at: https://fbworldhack.com

source :  Facebook Developers World HACK 2012


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